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Culturally Poignant Workshops

  • Crab-in-the-barrel - how to identify a sabotage environment and how to see your way out of it
  • My Man Likes My Derriere - Understanding a healthy Body Mass Index
  • The Hair Salon - working out and keeping your doo
Cardio dance, sculpt and Pilates are just a few of the classes we focus on at a beginner level so you regain the confidence to get back in class! These retreats are customized for your organization including women’s retreats, motivational retreats, etc.
Bringing exercise back in your life - It’s better than you thought! This retreat is for those who’ve been out of the exercise game for awhile.

Embrace Your Face!

Sample Workshops

Embrace Your Destiny!

We work within your design space parameters including signage, event promotion and collateral.  These activities can work at almost any venue!

We've Got Your Line On Health

"Your Group" Gets Personal  

This activity complements health screening events.  We provide one on one personal training exercise recommendations including the type and level of cardiovascular exercises and resistance training. These recommendations are made after assessing the person’s current body condition through body mass index calculations, their current level of exercise, age and general health condition.   Assessments are always provided with a strong recommendation to check with a physician before beginning an exercise regime.

This well received activity works well at all venues!  We demonstrate and engage interactive participation in cardio dance moves including Zumba and line dances to songs popular in multicultural communities. This culturally significant tie in to your company or organization is an all around winning event because it appeals to everyone of all ages!

  • why and how our bodies gain weight and lose tone as we age, especially as we hit 40 and over.  There are physiological forces in progress and if we understand those dynamics, it will make losing weight and keeping it off, easier. 

  • how to maintain the exercise momentum from fitness wear to proper sneakers.  We will also discuss health eating tips to keep you healthy and happy! 

The second part of the workshop focuses on getting the face to go with the body, looking at dermatology options available to us so that we gracefully mature! Think Iman, Dianne Carol, Angela Bassett and Vivica Fox. These are African American celebrities who have enhanced what God has given them and celebrate their ageless beauty. We have a board certified dermatologist on board who will discuss beauty regiments and dermatology procedures that can bring it all together!

“Dropping It Like It’s Hot At Any Age” 

is our latest project that works perfectly with a branding opportunity to women. This workshop is for women whose mindsets are in their 20’s and 30’s, but believe their bodies are looking much older. 

  •  We want to blend the mind and body together so the package looks and says the age you feel.   We refuse to believe that “this is it”, that the remainder of our sexual, physical and spiritual lives has been defined forever.
  • We want to break out of that prison and find that person within that pulls together the best of our experiences and physical attributes. 

  • We want to transition from mother, and/or wife to the individual woman we are inside. 

  • We want to keep physically, spiritually and sexually active which means dropping it like it’s hot at all levels!

The Obstacles to Healthy Lifestyle that You Don't See

After an introduction of these terms the audience is invited to discuss how these issues impact their lives, from a social emotional and physical perspective.  Realizing these impediments exist is the first step to overcoming them.  We also discuss the body mass index (BMI) dilemma understanding that our feel good weight may not coincide with US government directives and that's all right.  These dicussions are punctuated with case studies and experiences.

This interactive event is thought provoking and steeped in the current cultural viewpoints on these issues.

Targeted to African American audiences, in this event we delve into conversations about everyday obstacles that sabotage our health.  BGHLBE has identified three major cultural culprits

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