Bennie Girl Healthy Lifestyle Branding & Events

Connecting You and Your Products to A Healthy Lifestyle

Sample Workshops
  • Culturally Focused Healthy Lifestyle Workshops
  • Dropping It Like Its Hot at Any Age‚Äč
  • We've Got Your Line on Health
  • Fitness Spirit Retreats

BGHLE, Inc., provides  a myriad of services to handle your company's healthy lifestyle message and image.  Through our combination of community outreach and promotion, we brand your products as good lifestyle choices. Given the current state of the health care industry, aligning your products with a healthy lifestyle is a win-win for both your company and your customers. 


.Branding  and Promotion


We identify key events and organizations to partner with to fully leverage your brands' connection with the community.  We provide culturally focused activities that underscore your commitment to these markets.